About Us

The hardest thing about loans is often the confusing paperwork and long process involved in getting one. We believe that it should be easier to get the loan that you need, that’s why we do things different than banks and other lenders. We don’t check your credit score or past financial troubles when deciding whether to approve you for a loan or not.

How Does It Work?

Our loans are different from normal loans, we offer auto title loans. Title loans are also sometimes called pink slip loans, they are loans that use your car to get you approved for a loan. When getting an auto title loan the loan is based upon the worth of the motor vehicle that is being used. We accept any type of motor vehicle, such as cars, boats, motor cycles, RVs, and more. While paying off the loan you can still drive and do whatever you want with your car but you do not own the title of your car while paying off the loan. Once your debt is paid the title is returned to you.

Only The Best Rates

We give our customers only the best interest rates that we can offer. We are the top lender in Kansas, and always make sure that our customers are treated fairly. That means that we never charge any hidden fees and our repayment plans are always customized and geared towards each customer. We have helped hundreds of customers to get the loan that they need and be able to pay it back safely and comfortably.